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Nagomi House, a Japanese culture experience facility

A Japanese house is operated as a facility where you can experience Japanese culture, where you can experience traditional Japanese culture such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony and calligraphy.

You can experience more than 10 types of Japanese culture in one place.

Japanese culture instructors can provide experiences on business trips.

You can have a private experience of our space in a Japanese house for groups and families.

We convey Japanese sensibility, beauty, and Japanese spirit through Japanese culture experiences.

Experience Japanese culture

  • Kimono
  • Tea ceremony
  • Flower arrangement
  • Calligraphy
  • Incense burning
  • Mizuhiki
  • Making Japanese sweets
  • Sushi Experience
  • Classical Japanese dance
  • Traditional Japanese instrument ( Koto / drum /  bamboo flute )
  • Tatami making

We ask a minimum of 2 people for. Fee: 5000yen / person for 30min


Old private house rental space

We operate rental offices and shared spaces specializing in Japanese culture experiences.

Instructors engaged in various Japanese cultures are active in rental offices and shared spaces.

Workshops, lessons and events can also be planned. The available space can be decided according to the situation.


Japanese culture succession support and dressing guidance

The kimono is stretched naturally when you put the sleeve through it, making you feel dignified.

When meeting important people, going out with friends, visiting museums, attending concerts, New Years and entrance ceremonies, kimonos add a touch to your heart and the people around you.

We will work together to solve kimono consultations and questions about how to wear kimono, how to choose kimono, and kimono.

I hope that adding kimono to your daily life will help you make your daily life full of excitement and excitement.

We also support cultural activities overseas, mainly kimono and kimono culture.

Japan from outside world

Japanese traditional culture may be distinctive from the outside world.

Japan has been actively introducing foreign cultures since ancient times as we are isolated island country, and it has been sublimated into its own culture by integrating its customs and culture.

There are various traditional cultures such as kimono, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, but these are all tightly connected to each other.

For example, In the world of tea ceremony, you wear kimono and make flowers for the tea party. And these activities will develop one’s spirituality.

Traditional Japanese culture is not only beautiful and fun but also has a strong spiritual element.

Introspection ( = self observation ) is very important. We call it Naikan.

Naikan is, to be honest with one’s self, the same as mindfulness.

To those who want to make life richer, we recommend experiencing Japanese culture.