PRIVACY POLICY | Peace Culture Co.Ltd.,

The firm, established the street personal information protection policy of the following, by compliance with this employee Everyone, will endeavor to strict protection and proper handling of your personal information.

Our firm, with respect to the handling of personal information, personal information protection and compliance with laws and regulations and other relevant ministries guidelines, established a personal information protection policy will keep doing this.

Our firm, when the acquisition of personal information, and to clarify the purpose of collection, as a general rule that to obtain the consent from the person, also will not get the personal information by illegal means.

Our firm, except as provided by laws and regulations, provision and disclosure, etc. to a third party without your personal information to obtain the prior consent of the person does not do at all.

Our firm, committed to the prevention of theft, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, we will develop and implement the appropriate safety management measures.

Our firm, notified or published the use of personal information, will be used within the scope of its intended use.

Our firm, for the self of personal information from the other person, when there is a disclosure, correction, use stop or request deletion, etc., we will respond promptly on the basis of the laws and regulations.

With respect to personal information that the firm is held, along with the compliance with the laws and regulations that apply, as appropriate review the initiatives in the paragraphs above, we will strive to improve.

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