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November 2018
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Haruna Tsunoda
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  • Asia Eurasia Research Institute Japan Cultural Project: 2017 Japan Japanese Style Education Association Teacher

Message from the representative

Kimono advisor / dressing instructor Haruna Tsunoda.

If you wear kimono, your back will stretch naturally,It’s a familiar city, something that you can see more than usual.

“It looks like it ’s difficult to wear kimono, it’s too high”

There are many people who think so.

Recently, there are many reuse and pretend kimonos, and you can also get them by mail order.

Dressing can be put on as soon as possible by repeating exercises and points.

As you become able to wear your own kimono, the range of fashion will greatly expand.

Kimono will bring out your charm and give you confidence in your hard work and important scenes.

Passing through the sleeves will naturally stretch your back and make you feel relaxed.

When meeting important people, going out with friends <museums, concerts> New Years and entrance ceremonyIn various scenes, kimono will add sparkle to yourself and the people around you.

We will work together to solve kimono consultations and questions about how to wear kimono, how to choose kimono, and kimono.

I hope that adding kimono to your daily life will help you make your daily life full of excitement and excitement.